A Psychic Soirée

October 18, 2014 | 7 – 10 pm
$20 per 15 minute session, $35 per 30 minute session

Feel the presence of spiritual beings and unlock mysteries from the past, present and future at Homer Watson House & Gallery’s “A Psychic Soirée”. Book a 15 or 30 minute session with one or more of our psychics featuring tarot cards, angelologists, mediums, angel cards and more. In addition to our psychic sessions we will also tell fun and entertaining stories of Homer Watson’s spiritual past, and enjoy tasty beverages and sweet Halloween treats. Join us for another fun evening at our spiritually charged site to fundraise for our children’s programs! Make sure to get your tickets early, as they always sell out fast! Come, enjoy and celebrate the Halloween season while delving into the unknown!

More about our Psychics

Angelyn is an Angelologist who has been studying and working with the Celestial realm for over 40 years. She is an International Psychic and Reiki Master.Aromatherapist, Healer & Spiritual Visionary; facilitator and ordained minister. Her open heart, receives the clear and candid capacity to receive and communicate guidance from the angels to you. These are Loving, practical and Inspiring messages. It is from this Presence, that Angelyn empowers you with Certainty and tools, to make an Angel-Heart connection with your personal Angel. As she often affirms, “with Love and healing from your heart, all things are possible.” Angelyn’s passion is to inspire you, to find the Joy and Love within you, to connect with your life’s purpose and live your dreams. [her website]

Master Psychic Medium, who has over 27 years of experience in performing readings and teaching others. With the capabilities of being a psychic and a medium all in one, you are sure to be amazed.
As a PSYCHIC, I am able to give you information on the past, present and future of your life or someone you wish to inquire about.
As a MEDIUM, I connect with those who have passed on. Not only do I hear messages but I am able to see, feel and sense them. I will bring you very quick and detailed messages from your loved ones.
Book your session today and be guided to your new beginning.
Sessions Completely Booked – However, Linda has been very kind to take on additional bookings outside of our Psychic Soiree. She is also kindly giving proceeds from each October booking back to Homer Watson House & Gallery for our children’s programming! To get in touch with Linda, please call or email her at:
Phone: 519-242-0000


Enjoy a complimentary Angel card and/or Aura reading with every reading booking.
Ceceillia is a young, talented psychic medium perfecting her reading skills with the assistance of Angel cards. Ask a question and receive guidance and direction that will relate to personally. You will also be amazed with her information regarding your aura reading. In your aura reading you find out the colours and if any angels/pictures are showed through. This is an added bonus offered to our pre-booked guests.

I will be offering a chance to connect to people that have departed this earth, also during a reading you will be given information, and suggestions that will aid you in your own personal growth. I am an international Medium, connecting with people who have crossed over. I have a strong connection with children and people suffering from extreme grief. As a psychic medium I read the vibrational energies in a person’s energy field. I provide suggestions that help to guide and aid people in re-finding their own inner guidance and wisdom. [Website]

Lee-anne is an accurate and caring Card Reader. (She uses the Lenormand card method.) Lenormand cards are an older European version of card reading. She prefers these cards as they seem bring up more detailed answers. With 30+ years experience, she will make you feel comfortable. Lee-anne loves hearing other people’s life stories and enjoys finding ways to help, by uncovering what may be hindering them.

This event has sold out. However, Psychic Medium Linda has made herself available to take on bookings at her studio. Additionally, she has offered to extend a donation to the Gallery for each booking made in October. For more information on how to contact her, please see her bio above.