Adult Programs Spring 2018

Adult Programming

Welcome to Homer Watson House & Gallery’s Adult Programming course page for Spring 2018. Please see below for available classes. Price is divided as member price / non-member price. (What’s a Membership?)


Supplies are required for adult programs. If you have a Gift Certificate and would like to sign up for a program, please call 519748-4377 or visit the Gallery to register!

Susan’s Pottery Class

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You asked and we delivered. By popular demand we have added another pottery class to this season’s programming. This class will be an expansion of techniques learned in “Beginner Pottery,” “Further Concepts in Ceramics” and “Hygge (cozy) Clay.” Program will take place in the Pottery Studio.
Adult Program with Susan Spencer
Wednesdays, 7:00 – 9:00 pm…$136/$148
April 11 – May 2, 4 weeks

1837 Painting 30 Minutes a Day

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Students will learn one or two acrylic painting methods every week and will create multiple small paintings. Students will have the opportunity to constructively critique the finished artwork each class. These small reference paintings will help you decide on whether you want to transfer these to a large canvas.
Adult Program with Elvan Suzer
Mondays, 6:00 – 8:00 pm…$142/$158
April 16 – May 14, 5 weeks

1838 Charcoal & Paper

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Go beyond the pencil! Students of this course will expand their understandings of drawing by exploring a variety of techniques and materials. Charcoal, conte and soft pastels will provide the material base for learning such concepts as chiaroscuro, texturing and movement. This is an excellent course for both beginner and intermediate drawers.
Adult Program with Scott McNichol
Mondays, 7:00 – 9:00 pm….$95/$106
April 9 May 14, 5 weeks
*No class April 23, 2018.

1839 Large Abstracted Florals

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Starting from reality, learn how to simplify your image and use large bold brushstrokes to express the essentials in your painting. Enhance your artistic expression by using unique colour combinations.
Adult Program with Atena Ganea
Tuesdays, 6:00 – 8:00 pm…$119/$132
April 10 – May 8, 5 weeks

1840 Abstract Nude Figure

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Following in the footsteps of Modigliani, Picasso and Gauguin, students will learn new styles and how to render the human figure in abstraction.
Adult Program with Ana Vatres
Wednesdays, noon – 2:00 pm…$95/$106
April 11 – May 2, 4 weeks

1841 Artists Corner: Open Studio

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This open studio program allows each student to work in a comfortable, supportive and creative atmosphere while developing visual art pieces of interest. Bring your photography, painting, drawings to work amongst other artists. Professional advice and critique is provided upon request.
Adult Program with Scott McNichol
Wednesdays, 7:00 – 9:00 pm…$10/per session
April 11 – June 20, 10 weeks
*No class April 25, 2018.

1842 Clay in Motion

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Surface tension, hidden lines and action, all elements of a strong sculpture. This course will examine these concepts while creating a dynamic clay sculpture. Excellent for the beginner and those with some experience. Clay works will be fired.
Adult Program with Scott McNichol
Thursdays, 7:00 – 9:00 pm…$142/$158
April 12 – May 24, 6 weeks
*No class April 26, 2018.

1843 Figure Drawing

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Students will focus the concepts of traditional figure drawing to understand proportion, perspective, and shading techniques. This course will create a greater understanding and appreciation of how to draw the objects and ideas we see in the world.
Adult Program with Scott McNichol
Tuesdays, 7:00 – 9:00 pm…$111/$123
May 1 – 22, 4 weeks
*Model Present.

1844 Intermediate Watercolour

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Expand your brush and extend your understanding within the world of watercolour! Take your work to the next level, learning effects and additional techniques to build your watercolour knowledge.
Adult Program with Brett Holmes
Thursdays, 7:00 – 9:00 pm…$95/$106
May 10 – 31, 4 weeks

1845 Macro Acrylics

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Zoom in 200M into nature! Join us as we get up close and personal with florals this Spring season. Students will work en plein air to capture natures likeness.
Adult Program with Ana Vatres
Wednesdays, noon – 2:00 pm…$95/$106
May 16 – June 6, 4 weeks

1846 Botanicals in Watercolour

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Botanical watercolour painting encourages artists to explore elements of the landscape with a more intimate view than traditional landscape painting. Learn depth, colour usage and how to make botanicals the focal point in your artwork.
Adult Program with Joe Fansher
Saturdays, 1:00 – 3:00 pm…$95/$106
June 2 – 23, 4 weeks

1847 Advanced Watercolours

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Enhance your ability while bringing your watercolour knowledge to the next level. This course will teach students how to move into their own interpretive style using basic and intermediate knowledge in watercolour.
Adult Program with Brett Holmes
Tuesdays, 7:00 – 9:00 pm…$95/$106
June 5 – 26, 4 weeks

1848 Intro to Visual Art Concepts

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If you’ve ever thought, “I’m not creative”, “I couldn’t do that”, or “I am NOT good at art”. This is the class for you! Join artist Scott McNichol to experiment and try your hand at different media, including painting, printmaking, drawing and more!
Adult Program with Scott McNichol
Tuesdays, 7:00 – 9:00 pm…$95/$106
May 29 – June 19, 4 weeks

1849 Traditional Oils & Acrylics

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This class will explore the basic foundations of oil and acrylic painting. Specific concepts, visual language and techniques will be examined throughout. Students will also learn about materials and he pros and cons of each media.
Adult Program with Scott McNichol
Thursdays, 7:00 – 9:00 pm…$95/$106
June 7 – 28, 4 weeks

1850 Working with Masters: Photography Workshop

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This program will enable students to become more aware of their camera’s capabilities. The methods of Mondrian, Mont and Georgia O’Keefe will be explored using the photographic medium.
Adult Program with Roger Young
Fridays, 1:00 – 4:00 pm…$95/$106
June 8 – 22, 3 weeks
*Students will require Digital Camera with a zoom lens (an SLR is not necessary).


Supplies are required for adult programs.

1851 Go With the Flow: Acrylic Pouring

Register OnlineSupply List
Join feature KWSA Artist Mira Wasilewska for an afternoon in the studio! This workshop will explore the technique of acrylic pouring utilizing paints and pouring medium. The technique is very intuitive resulting in a a truly amazing abstract artwork. Each piece will be unique to you!
Adult program with Mira Wasilewska
Sunday, April 15, 2018
1:00 – 4:00 pm…$45/$50

1852 Sip & Sparkle

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Enjoy a fun and creative evening with friends! Don’t miss out on this social night for a chance to create a beautiful necklace and enjoy a glass of wine with Artist & Jewellery Designer Barb Di Renzo.
Adult program with Barb Di Renzo
Friday, April 20, 2018
6:00 – 8:30 pm…$45/$50
*Plus $15 material fee.

1853 Colour Boot Camp!

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Over the course of an intense and fast-paced workshop, we’ll get into the basics of colour theory, colour mixing, and colour harmony, with eye-opening demonstrations and exercises along the way, and plenty of time for questions! This is a hands-on workshop that is great for beginning and intermediate level artists; for more experienced artists wanting a review; and for anyone simply wanting to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for color.
Adult program with Amy Ferrari
Saturday, April 28, 2018
10:00 am – 4:00 pm…$57/$63

1854 Soar into Painting

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This fabulous adventure into the colourful winged realm of butterflies and other such things, will allow students to learn techniques and concepts behind effectively capturing these unique creatures through drawing and watercolour painting. A great opportunity to create art around a subject not usually found in most portfolios.
Adult program with Scott McNichol
Saturday, May 12, 2018
9:00 am – noon…$45/$50
*Program will take place at the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory.

1856 Silk Painting

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Join Exhibiting Fibre Artist Penny Grace for an afternoon in the studio! Create a beautiful silk painting using the techniques of dying with silks, stamping/stenciling and wax resists. At the end you will have a beautiful piece to hang on your wall!
Adult program with Penny Grace
Sunday, May 27, 2018
10:00 am – 4:00 pm…$45/$50
*Plus $35 material fee.


*Supplies included for family programs, family programs are FREE for those who hold a valid family membership

1855 BEE-inspired Creations

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This colourful and unique experience, perfectly suited for both the artist and and lovers of nature, will have kids and parents learn and create paintings, drawings and sculpture around the wonderful and multi-coloured creatures that give both Spring and gardens their beauty. Fun for all ages!
Family program with Scott McNichol
Saturday, May 26, 2018
1:00 – 3:00 pm…$57/$63 (price for the whole family!)
*With a guided talk from the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory.

1864 Spring Mixed Media

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Join us in studios for an exciting spring themed program where families will explore colourful and creative projects that will connect to our annual quilt exhibition.
Fun for the Family with Scott McNichol
Sunday, May 6, 2018
1:00 – 3:00 pm…$35/FREE for Members


Register early as class sizes are limited and courses may be cancelled due to insufficient enrollment. All cancellations normally occur one week before the first class of the course.

Registrations are accepted in person, by mail, phone or online. Full payment must accompany your registration. Post dated cheques cannot be accepted. There will be no refunds when cancelling 10 days before the first class or the event. Cancellations prior to that period will be subject to a 10% administration fee. We do not make arrangements for refunds for missed classes, events or transfers. Official receipts are issued at the time of registration. Any request made for tracing past payments/receipts will be subject to a $25.00 administration fee.

The Gallery reserves the right to cancel any class, workshop or event which does not receive sufficient enrollment. Cancellations normally occur one week prior to the start date. A full refund will be issued for classes or events cancelled by the Gallery. Instructors and content may change without notice. Registration and attendance are subject to the condition that the City of Kitchener, Homer Watson House Foundation, officers, and employees, are released from all responsibilities for injury, loss or damage, however caused, that may be sustained by any person attending a class.

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