Annual Homer Watson Exhibition | 2017

June 11 – August 13, 2017

Opening Reception: Tuesday, June 27, 2017 | 6:30 – 8:30 pm

(The Gallery is closed for a special event on Sunday August 13 until 3:00)


A Sense of Place || Homer Watson

This exhibition celebrates the 150th anniversary of Ontario and Canada.  The Canadian landscape is the predominant theme and subject matter for Homer Watson.  Watson draws from a deep well of life experience which includes an intimate relationship with the land.  His personification of nature becomes a metaphor for the human aspiration of being and belonging: of a sense of place within our country.  Today’s artist find similar inspirations.  Questioning, evoking emotion and revealing truths they speak honestly to our environmental issues, to the personal journey and spiritual growth and to our future development as a nation with in the context of our world and universe.

Sub-merg || Marlene Kawalez

Sub-merg,  is an exhibition of sculpture by Marlene Kawalez that playfully interacts with the paintings of Homer Watson.  Kawalez explores the idea that we are connected spiritually to nature.  Her work aims to expose, express and provide insight into the row emotions involved in the journey of life through clay, wood and glass.  The application of wood and clay is essential as a direct conduit to the roof of nature and our existence.  Glass, in retrospect, represents the fragility of life and the continuity of movement and time.


Décarvage || Mike Bergauer

Décarvage is an exhibition by artist Mike Bergauer that highlights the emotional joy and satisfaction experienced when exploring nature as a medium as much as a subject matter.  Creating each piece of artwork on graph paper and then meticulously recreating the work onto the wood using various mixed mediums, they are as meditative to the viewer as to the artist.  The works are created with craftsman’s exactitude and contemplative conviction.  The intimate process of working with wood developed into an artistic network of techniques involving chip carving, inlaying, painting and staining which Mike has termed décarvage.

Embracing Place || The Artist Critique Group

Embracing Place, is an exhibition by The Artist Critique Group exploring complexities of place .  It is human to identify ourselves and our beliefs with place, making individual and communal connections and endowing meaning, seeking a sense of belonging.  Yet, in the 21st century, place has become a dynamic, multi-dimensional and often paradoxical concept and boundaries are increasingly blurred.  Using a variety of medium and a diverse perspective The Artist Critique Group demonstrate the importance of the personal journey and spiritual growth in order to obtain understanding of ourselves in relationship to our environmental and ecological issues, and to our future development as a nation with the context of our world and universe.


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