Art for the Soul

Art Education’s Impact on Self-Esteem

It is no secret that a well-rounded person wears many hats. A person who has studied a wide variety of subjects is able to make well-informed decisions on various topics from the broad-based knowledge and skills that they have acquired. Leonardo da Vinci, one of the most well-rounded and brilliant innovators in history was not only a scientist, engineer and inventor, but also an artist. Artists bring a different perspective to the table from creative minds and the ability to think “outside-of-the-box”. The arts are an important component of not only individual creativity and wisdom, but also their mental health and well-being.

Visual arts programs serve as a person’s outlet for stress and can contribute to better mental health. According to a Princeton University study on children’s arts education conducted by Joshua Guetzkow, engagement in creative activity appears to improve both physical and mental health. This is due in part to art’s ability to relieve stress, but also its ability to strengthen social bonds. Through tactile kinesthetic mediums, students further develop their problem solving and fine motor skills along with creative ability. Because art is kinesthetic, visual and auditory, it has the potential to keep all types of learners engaged and makes for an enjoyable way to relieve stress and pent up energy.

Visual arts can also improve a person’s perception of their own talents and can boost their self-esteem. By providing a creative means of expression that has no limitations, a person often develops a sense of pride and accomplishment as a result of their hard work. When an individual’s self-esteem is lifted, many areas of their life are positively affected, resulting in stronger interpersonal skills, a higher level of educational focus in school and an overall healthier well-being.

Homer Watson House & Gallery is proud to offer visual arts programs and parties that lead to improved mental health and higher self-esteem. Through our wide array of therapeutic team building and family parties, we aim to foster the skills necessary to become a fulfilled individual. Our team-building and family parties vary in subject matter, giving individuals an opportunity to choose the medium that they best prefer and would like to develop. Our fun and entertaining art parties are led by a talented roster of practicing artists who can provide detailed step-by-step instructions or be available for help as you create whatever your heart desires. Come on in to release some stress and free your creative side. No previous experience is necessary!

For additional information on our team building and family parties for both children and adults, please visit this page or call the Gallery at 519-748-4377.

It is with open arms that Homer Watson House & Gallery welcomes our future artists, architects, fashion designers and even chemists.


-Dayna Walls, Education Coordinator

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