Artist Talk

Fall Exhibition ArtistTalk

Artist Talk
Saturday, October 18th
1:00pm – 3:00pm

Homer Watson House & Gallery invites guests to attend our “Meet the Artist” event, featuring artists Anita Kunz, Deborah Pryce, and Diane Young. They will be enlightening viewers with their artistic practices and insight towards their masterpieces. These women have captured the idea that beauty lies within the eyes of the beholder. By observing the world around them, they have portrayed the struggles of the human condition, and the victories that consequently follow. The Gallery is privileged to be showcasing the artworks of these artists.

Anita Kunz, an independent yet international star, has had her work published in Rolling Stones, Time, Vanity Fair and New Yorker. She returns close to home by exhibiting her work at Homer Watson House & Gallery. Kunz is concerned with political systems and social issues. Her work reflects in humors way, how we react to certain people in our culture. “The subject of celebrity is endlessly fascinating to me, especially how we elevate some arguably questionable people to a higher status.” Deborah Pryce received the Region of Waterloo Arts Funds (RWAF) which was dedicated to the mixed media artworks displayed during the exhibition. She studies worldly struggles through nature but adds a positive outlook through her pieces. Discover the emotions and reactions that Diane Young has left for the public to see. Her work leaves viewers inquisitive and pondering for more. Known across the GTA, people have learned her passion for fine arts that has evolved into clay sculptures. These sculptures have a sense of realism for the public to explore.

Guests are welcome to come for free and enjoy light refreshments, and engage this lovely individuals. Kunz will be offering personal signings to her collection of limited edition prints that are on display in the Gallery’s gift shop, along with free Fibre booklets. Proceeds from this rare opportunity will help fund children and youth art programs.