Winter Exhibitions | 2019

Dave Fox/ Barbara Di Renzo/ Robert Skeoch 


February 3 -March 8 2019

Reception: Sunday February 10 from 2:00 – 4:00 pm

Street Art Bombing Party: March 1 from 7:00-10:00pm

This winter HWHG invites you to our very first Urban Art show Inside/Out. Guest Curated by Nichole Martin. Urban Art is art that is shaped by urban environments and created by artists living in these environments. Inside/Out features three artists with local connections: Dave Fox, Barbara Di Renzo and Robert Skeoch, whose works are inspired by and reflect city life and what it means to live in an urban setting in Southern Ontario in this 21st century. Using different mediums to capture this essence of urban life: painting, music, sculpture and photography, these three shows bring all the beauty and kinetic energy of urban existence that is found outside on those busy streets. Through art, the outside is transported inside and into HWHG at full velocity, enabling the viewers to experience it at full force.

Please join us in experiencing this exciting art on both the free opening reception: Sunday February 10, 2:00 – 4:00 PM and during our Street Art Bombing party: March 1 2019, 7 :00 – 10:00 PM. A night of art, music, food and drinks. Artist Dave Fox and other local bands from this region will be performing.



Robert Skeoch, Untitled, photograph

Images from the Street by Robert Skeoch is an exhibit recording urban life.  Skeoch is a world renown street photographer whose work has been seen and admired worldwide through the publication of books and magazines.  Born and raised in Burlington Ontario, Skeoch uses his camera to tell the stories that he sees unfold on the city streets, whether it be Hamilton, Toronto, New York City, Waterloo Region or an unidentified city.  Skeoch shooses to develop his depictions in black and white, giving them a timelss feel.  The people featured in the photographs could be in New York City in 1970 just as easily as in your own neighbourhood in 2018.  Skeoch captures those small fleeting but profound moments that transpire in a day of a life, following the philosophy of Street Photographer Bruce Gilden: “If you can smell the street looking at the photo, it’s a street photograph”.  Skeoch’s commitment to his art has taken him around the world and around the corner, in search of great images that will contribute to the story of mankind, the focus of his work.


Barbara Di Renzo, Glow, metal & found objects

Remix by Barbara Di Renzo integrates urban life into her sculptures.  Di Renzo is an award-winning artist and jewelry designer, who most recently was the recipient of the Cambridge Recognition for Outstanding Arts & Cultural Achievement.  Di Renzo sculptures come directly from the city streets, both in gainnig inspiration from and the materials used to create them.  Nature and architecture being the two biggest influences on her works.  Di Renzo, on her travels, collects discarded found objects that are discarded and forgotten: recycled metals, singing torn from buildings and industrial parts.  Using a blow torch Di Renzo manipulates and forges these materials together, transform them into beautiful ethereal works of art.





Dave Fox, Untitled, mixed media

the Zone by Dave Fox, owner of Fauxtown Records, incorporates both his music and paintings, pushing both art forms to the breaking point to convey his visions. Previous music ventures include the following: Young Coconut, Childbeast and The Approachables.  Fox’s current band Suburban Bicycle Gang, will be performing music from their latest record Softballs are Too Hard (released in October 2018), during the Inside/Out, Winter Exhibitions at HWHG.  With his paintings Fox embraces spontaneity and improvisation, taking idea, or inspiration by something he saw and letting it flow freely from his mind through the paintbrush and onto the canvas.  Sometimes these paintings take unexpected turns and Fox believes one should embrace the unexpected in life and in art.  The end results of the paintings often surprise the artist himself.  These paintings are done on found objects Fox finds throughout the city of Cambridge. By painting on these varying surfaces the finished works obtain a durable and industrial feel to them.


Past Exhibits 2019

Eastwood Collegiate Institute Graduating Class


January 13 – January 27

Reception: Sunday, January 13, 2019 from 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm


Each year HWHG selects one graduating class to create and curate an exhibition of their personal works.  This year HWHG is proud to announce the upcoming Open Gallery Exhibition, Perception by Eastwood Collegiate Institute.

Under the direction of Ms. Sandra Bethell, the students have become a creative team through their interconnectedness of the classroom studio  They are engaged in the relationships between one another, their work and their community.   They look forward to bringing their resulting perceptions to the gallery.

Join us for the free opening reception on Sunday January 13 from 2 – 4pm for the opportunity to meet the artists as they offer their opening remarks.