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Seniors & Community Outreach Programs

The instructor made the whole group feel that their creation was a work of art! – Community Care Concepts, Elmira

The pathway to enrichment, entertainment, stimulation & encouragement in our community.
Homer Watson House & Gallery is pleased to offer Seniors & Community Outreach Programs within the Waterloo Region, that are designed to enrich, entertain and stimulate. Participation is encouraged through a structured visual art activity or museum based program that is both accessible and rewarding. Community Outreach Programs are designed and delivered by professionals who are skilled in the areas of Social Services, Education, and Fine Arts.

Art Therapy benefits participants through the process of socialization and self-expression. These programs are developed to evoke emotions, enhance the power of thought and increase stimulus through a creative source.

Art Programs Available for Booking:

Artistic Exploration in Drawing

Guided by an experienced instructor, participants will create drawings using various media. Drawing increases confidence and prompts storytelling through pictures.

Wonderful Watercolour Painting

Participants are encouraged to explore and experiment with paint and colour to stimulate emotion, happiness, and a sense of well-being.

Play With Clay

A professional gently guides participants to express themselves through clay, providing hand-over-hand support. Clay is a medium with which the participant feels in control, enabling self-exploration.

Reminiscence helps individuals cope with the aging process, maintain self-esteem, and reinforces a sense of social attachment, belonging and continuity”
– Marion L. Beaver

Reminiscent Therapy stimulates the senses of sight, sound, touch, smell, and even taste to connect to past life events. This form of therapy promotes communication, social interaction and an increase in self-esteem.

Reminiscent Therapy Programs Available for Booking:

Homer’s Travelling Trunk

A museum kit consisting of historical objects related to the life and times of Canadian landscape painter, Homer Watson, is
presented for participants to explore and handle.

Childhood Days

Reflect back to a simpler time with this collection of fun childhood toys, clothing, images and more. Participants can peruse photos, demonstrate how to hold a slingshot and hear the springy sound of a Slinky.

Stitch & Fish

Spin and skein some yarn or tell the best fish tale while reminiscing with the help of many objects in this unique kit. View buttons of all shapes, sizes and colour, sewing patterns for vintage styles, or fishing tackle, reels and lures—there’s something for everyone!

Additional themes available – or design your own!

Registration Information

All required materials and supplies are included in the registration fee for each outreach program. Receive a discount by registering for regular monthly bookings.

Program Cost $175 per group *Please ask for individual payment arrangements for smaller groups.
Group Size Minimum 5 – Maximum 20
Program Length 1.5-2 hours

NEW! Ask about borrowing one of our specially developed, locally themed mini kits for self-guided reminiscence sessions! Perfect for visiting family members, friends and staff who struggle to engage or communicate with their loved one.

To register or for more information about Community Outreach Programs, please contact Rebecca Marquez,  Education & Administrative Assistant: 519-748-4377 ext. 233 |