Quilt & Fiber Exhibition

May 9th – June 14th, 2015

Reception: Saturday, May 9th, 2015 from 2:00 – 4:00 pm


Mended World || Judy Martin || Website

This exhibit is a result of a recent volunteer artist residency on Manitoulin Island in which Martin designed and led the community in the creation of four large hand stitched meditation panels made from re-purposed domestic linens. Multiple layers of time and touch are in the panels. Martin , a life time resident of northern Ontario, chooses to live slowly and quietly in a rural environment where she is able to pay attention to the small marks within the grand scope of nature.

Precious WaterEmbroidered Spaces || Amanda McCavour || Website

This exhibit is a vanishing installation where the material has disappeared leaving behind nothing but thread. The threaded images appear as though they would easily unravel and are on the verge of falling apart despite the work’s strength. McCavour draws on the thread’s assumed vulnerability, its ability to unravel and its strength when it is sewn together, to explore the idea of time passing. Amanda McCavour has shown her work in New York, Chicago, Romania, South Korea, and Toronto where she currently lives and works. If you would like to see more from Amanda, take a look into her workshop.

Sunflowers, Strawberries, and GrapesWhat Remains || Maggie Vanderweit || Website

This exhibit is a unique and daring three year journey exploring the relationships between the physical and spiritual, natural and man-made, decay and performance, loss and memory. Vanderweit uses rusty scraps of found metals and plants from gardens and nearby parks to imprint the fabric which is then stitched and quilted into organic pieces of art. Vanderweit’s works shows locally and internationally. She lives and works from her studio, Stone Threads, in Fergus. Learn more about Maggie Vanderweit or even witness a demonstration through our lunchtime lecture series.


Credits of artworks listed in the order that they appear:

McCavour, Amanda, Floating Garden, (detail) c. 2011-2012, Thread Embroidery

Martin, Judy, Precious Water, (detail) c. 2013, Linen and cotton

Vanderweit, Maggie, Sunflowers, Strawberries and Grapes, (detail) c. 2011-2014, Wool, silk , and cotton