Watson Museum | Fall Exhibition| 2017

September–December 2017

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Nature and Humanity || Homer Ransford Watson

The majority of Watson’s works are deeply influenced by the overwhelming force and majesty of nature. Homer’s landscapes frequently display the stark contrast between the grandeur of the natural world and the practical concerns of humanity. Lush forests, heavy clouds and rushing streams are often seen in partnership with markers of human industrialization: small and gestural depictions of working men and women as well as the depiction of man made structures, such as local mills and barns. Through his work, Homer captures the unforgiving moods and beauty of nature as well as man’s complex relationship with it. Explore the beautiful duality of Homer’s work through the treasures now on exhibit in his studio.


First Curator || Phoebe Amelia Watson

Not a lot is known about Phoebe Watson (1858-1947), the younger sister of Homer Watson; her diaries remain at large.  But what we do know is that Phoebe was a caregiver, business women, gardener, landowner, HWHG-Haunted-History-Phoebecommunity worker, traveler, lover and friend.  She threw parties that everyone wanted to attend.  In the height of the depression, she invited guests to a “backward” party and asked them to dress in old forgotten clothes. She opened the door for guests, and holding a lighted candle, dressed in her mother’s old fashioned nightgown, welcomed her guests with a “Good Bye” in true backward greeting.  Among all her traits this woman of mystery was most celebrated as both a feminist (before there was such a word), and artist for which she received great accolades and awards previously reserved for men. Phoebe wrote: “Women’s influence on the world at large is always felt, how can it be otherwise?”  Phoebe’s hand painted china became admired and collected on a national level.  Among her paintings on display at the gallery you will find a tall black vase skilfully painted in art-deco flavour with scenes of glowing colours of the famous sunrises and moonlit nights on Lake Huron.  You will also find lush red roses, painted in free falling wisps on a small bowl and be drawn to the subtle flowers outlining a women’s vanity set. Drop by the gallery to find out more about Phoebe and see her work.