Resilience | Featuring Jim Blomfield, Symeon Van Donkelaar and Nik Harron

Featuring Jim Blomfield, Symeon Van Donkelaar and Nik Harron

The Canadian landscapes and the Canadian identity have and will always be interwoven. What would we be as a nation without the majestic mountains of Banff Alberta? Or the big blue prairie sky’s above the golden fields in Saskatchewan? Or the red sandy beach surrounded by the deep blue Atlantic Ocean at Argyle Shore Provincial Park in Prince Edward Island? The wonders and beauty of Canada’s landscapes have in the past, as well as today, inspired artists who were both born in this country and those who were drawn to travel all across Canada to seek out nature. The landscapes of Doon remained Homer Watson’s artistic muse for his entire life, while for Emily Carr it was the Pacific Northwest and the shores of Haida Gwaii and its people, while for Tom Thomson it was the nature found within Algonquin Park. Today 90 percent of Canada remains uninhabited but Environmental threats loom on the horizon – climate change, air pollution and water pollution being the most threatening for our country. As Group of Seven artist Lauren Harris observed,
“The landscape was an essential element of the spirit of Canada.” It is this nature found within Canada that largely makes the Canadian identity. If we destroy nature and kill this spirit, we lose our identity in the process and once everything is destroyed, we can never get it back. Luckily for us nature has been and will always be ‘resilient’.

Three local artists Jim Blomfield, Symeon Van Donkelaar and Nik Harron approach this important topic of Nature, Canada and Conservationism.

Exhibition Dates: September 7, 2019 –
October 20, 2019
Reception: June 7, 2020 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
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