HWHG Juried Show Submission

Artists are eligible to submit their application if they are able deliver their artwork to the gallery on Sunday, November 6, 2022 – 10am-4pm and pick up on Tuesday, November 8, 2022 – 10am-6pm. No postal entries will be permitted.  The theme is open.

Terms and Conditions for Entry 

  • 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional art pieces are eligible. Gallery space is limited; therefore, a limited number of free-standing pieces may be included.
  • Maximum dimensions of artwork: no dimension larger than 48 inches. 3-dimensional pieces must fit through the front door (maximum diameter of 38 inches). 
  • Jurors will take into consideration the space available for the show, therefore, it is unlikely that a high number of very large pieces will be accepted into the show.
  • Artwork submitted must be original.  Copied pieces, pieces using stock photography (including collages), reproductions or prints of original paintings will not be accepted.  Prints of original photography are allowed. 
  • To be accepted, all work must be complete, dry, and ready to hang or display.  2 dimensional pieces must have D-rings and picture hanging wire attached.  3 dimensional pieces must include any necessary supports.  Any pieces with inappropriate or missing hanging or display materials will be refused.   
  • All pieces must have a label affixed to the rear of the piece with their name, the artwork title and the artist contact details. Labels should not be visible to ensure blind jurying. 
  • If artwork features a recognizable person, the artist must have the permission of the subject.  Jurying staff may request proof of permission. 


  • The entry fee for entering is $25 and includes the first 2 works entered. Any additional pieces will cost $10 each.
  • Entry fees must be paid online prior to artwork drop off.  Artwork will not be accepted without proof of payment of entry fee. 
  • Fees are non-refundable. This includes artworks that are refused for not complying with the above listed terms and conditions.  

Important Dates  

Submission Form Opens: 
Aug 1, 2022 

Submission Closes:
Sunday, November 6, 202210am

Artwork Drop-Off: 
Sunday, November 6, 202210am-4pm

Monday, November 7, 2022 

Pickup for Unselected Artwork: 
Tuesday, November 8, 2022  – 10am-6pm from basement classroom 

Friday, November 11, 2022 – Sunday, January 8, 2023

Presentation of Awards and Reception: 
Thursday, November 17, 2022 7-9pm

Pickup for end of show: 
Monday, January 9, 2023 10am -6pm 

Juried Show Submission
  • Your $25 submission fee grants you 2 works of art for consideration. Extra works can be submitted for $10 each.
  • First submission piece

  • Second Submission piece

  • Extra submissions

  • Once you click the SUBMIT button, you will be able to complete your payment. Fees are $25 for 2 submissions, and $10 for each additional submission.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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The Loch Doon area was memorialized in celebrated Scottish poet, Robert Burns piece “Ye banks and braes O’ bonnie Doon”

Ye banks and braes o’ bonny Doon,
How can ye bloom sae fresh and fair?
How can ye chant, ye little birds,
And I sae weary fu’ o’ care?
Thou’lt break my heart, thou warbling bird,
That wantons thro’ the flowering thorn:
Thou minds me o’ departed joys,
Departed, never to return.

Aft hae I rov’d by bonnie Doon,
To see the rose and woodbine twine;
And ilka bird sang o’ its love,
And fondly sae did I o’ mine.
Wi’ lightsome heart I pu’d a rose,
Fu’ sweet upon its thorny tree;
And my fause lover stole my rose,
But, ah! he left the thorn wi’ me.

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