Magic of Trees – Ana Vatres

As an artist continuously drawn to the abstract and the unusual, it’s only natural those inclinations  would manifest in my landscapes. My approach to nature, however, is not to stylize it with my own  hand: rather, to observe nature’s innate ability to produce sublime, strange, and magical compositions. Dominant branches draw the eye into each painting and often hold the viewer’s gaze in a spider’s web  of small, persistent strokes. The light plays through trees highlights intense colours until they fade away  into the background. Each work captures its own unique magical moment. 

The landscapes I paint in this series often feature uncommon shapes and repetitive lines in an effort to  try and best emphasize nature’s wonderous qualities. The emotional potential of these elements are  explored in an attempt to translate the vision splendid and allow the painting’s observer to experience  the scene as I did. 

Exhibition runs until January 31, 2021

Artist talk with Ana Vatres

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