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  1. Good Morning!

    I live in Sherwood Park, Alberta.
    I have had the opportunity on 2 occasions to visit your gallery. And look forward to more.
    Art in any form expresses the soul of the artist and their creations. In all forms.
    The research, presentation, in depth work in the presentation, history and knowledge of the artists adds to the worth of this Gallery.
    I was so privileged to inhail Phoebe’s work, read and hear of her life. As well as others.

    Thank you for ensuring this Gallery has the staff that not only are they highly motivated in the Art world, but can present what the artists is saying, expressing, feeling. And not adverse to continued research to elevate who these artists were or are.
    Your promotion to ensure area artists have the opportunity of your gallery is a bonus to the artist and public that otherwise might not happen for them.

    Thank you!

    Jan Schell

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