As a charitable organization, we generate most of our funds from our art programs such as March Break Camps and Summer Art Camps. If you would like to DONATE we would greatly appreciate your support.

  1. Printed HWHG Thumbprint Family Tree template
  2. Inkpad or washable markers
  3. Colouring tools (crayons, markers, pencil crayons or paint)
  1. Print out the family tree template
  2. Colour or paint the tree trunk
  3. Use an ink pad or washable marker to colour one of your fingers
  4. Stamp your finger at the end of one of the branches
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 but position the second stamp in a V to make a heart shaped leaf
  6. Sign your name beside your leaf
  7. Ask your family members to add their leaves and names
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