Homer Watson House & Gallery asks that you consider sponsoring our children’s programming. We rely on organizations, individuals, and foundations who provide generous donations to help us grow and strive to reach our community driven goals.

Donate, and make an impact today.

Thank you to everyone who supports us!

Donor Hall of Honour

President's Circle

City of Kitchener
(Community Tier 1 Grant)

Government of Canada
(Canada Summer Jobs Grant)

Curator's Circle

Mac Voisin
& Marcela Bahar
Corus Entertainment

Ria Dykstra
M&T Printing Group
Little Mushroom Catering

Micheal C Proctor
Robert Tattersall
Francis McIntosh

Art Associates

Alder Creek Studio
Micheal Benton
Colleen Bulla

Cloverdale Paint
Bill Poole & Louise Dzuryk
Christine Feniak

Susan & Zlatko Janakovic
Frances McIntosh

Watson's Friends

Natalie Arsenault
Paulette Bissonnette
Wanda Cakebread
Jeanette Chippindale
Valeria Contreras
Barbara & Rae Crossman
Anna Dalton
Gerry Ann Engel
Richard W Farrar
Cathy J Gregory

Anatoli Guelfgat
Dayle Hayhoe
Irina Jordache
Dianne Lee
Laura Mabee
Eric Maki
John Martin
Janet Mayhew
Carolyn McCallum
John McMullen

Irene Mitrana
Gordon Nicholls
Ole J. Olsen
Olivia Osburn
Jane Sleeman
Margaret Szester
Jennifer Tessier
Together We’re Bitter Brewery
Allan Wadley

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