Thank you to all of our donors, supporters and volunteers. We couldn’t be where we are without you. To help continue our growth at the Gallery we are always looking for more support and one of the ways that you can help is with an “in-kind” donation from Homer’s Wish List below. Alternatively you can still donate money and if you like have it allocated toward a specific item (just let us know so that we can thank you) 🙂

Join the movement dedicated to giving back. Donate, volunteer, be a leader in your community, or donate something from Homer’s Wish List:

For the kids

  1. Paint brushes (small and medium)
  2. Watercolor paint pucks (all colours)
  3. Watercolor paper (140lb)
  4. Oil pastels (all colours)
  5. Chalk Pastels (all colours)

All donated supplies will be used for our children’s art programs.

For the Gallery ($100 and under)

  1. Nitrile Gloves, Powder Free, $14.00 (LINK)

Help us prevent the oils in our skin from damaging fragile historic collections.

  1. Really Useful Boxes (variety of sizes: 4L, 9L, 42L), $19.99 and up (LINK)

Help us keep our kids’s art programs supplies tidy!

  1. Book Tying Tape $30.25 (LINK)

We use this tape to help support our more fragile historic books.  It is also handy for wrapping other types of historic collections too!

  1. Museum Monitor pack of 100 (Blunder Traps), $71 (LINK)

Did you know that there are many types of bugs that damage historic collections?  We use blunder traps to monitor which types of insects like to visit the gallery and how many friends they are bringing with them!  This helps inform us if we need to take further steps to protect our fragile collections.

For the Gallery ($500 and under)

  1. Norfolk Book Sofa £46.50 +tax (LINK)

Historic books need a bit of support!  The binging on old books is often very fragile and one of the best ways to prevent damage to the spine is to prevent the book from opening too much.  Book cradles and cushions help support the covers of the book while in use. 

  1. HOBO Temp/RH 2.5% Data Logger (Environmental Monitor), $170 (LINK)

Historic collections are prone to damage when stored in incorrect temperature or humidity levels.  We keep track of these levels to make sure they are in a good range for our collections and there aren’t any dramatic changes that might have a negative impact on our collections.  Data loggers help up monitor these levels and record the information over a long period of time.

  1. Vinyl Express R31 Vinyl Cutter $379.00 (LINK)

We use vinyl lettering and signage for our exhibition titles and artist statements. This tool would help us create our own signs and save on shipping costs. Winning!

You’re an art superstar!

  1. Art Stanchions, Set of 6 $628.21 (LINK)

When we put fragile collections on display, they are at a much higher risk of getting damaged.  Art stanchions provide an excellent barrier to remind our visitors to be careful around the historic collections.

  1. Elsec – Monitor & Data Logger (UV/T/RH/Visible light) Model: E-660-765C, $1478.00 (LINK)

The All-In-One environmental monitoring tool we’ve always wanted!  This device would help us monitor light levels and take spot readings for temperature and humidity.

You Decide!

Still not sure?  Homer Watson would also appreciate gift cards to any of the following suppliers:

  • Curry’s Artists’ Materials
  • Carr McLean Library Supplies, Furniture & Shelving
  • Dollarama
  • Hoskin Scientific
  • Len’s Mill Stores
  • Walmart

If you prefer, you can CLICK HERE to make a financial donation online which we always appreciate. Every little bit helps us continue the tradition of fostering artistic creativity in children and adults alike!

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