2024 AGM is June 25th at 6:30pm

Writer's Market & Mini Clothesline Art Sale

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Mini-Clothesline Art Sale

Due to last week’s weather, we are please to have a mini-clothesline sale this Saturday. 

We are excited to be hosting our first ever Clothesline Art Sale. We strive to make art more accessible, and the Clothesline Art Sale is the perfect opportunity for art lovers to purchase a wide range of art at varying prices. We support a diverse range of artists to display and sell their work in an easy and affordable way.  

The wide variety of unframed works will be displayed on a clothesline through the trees and along the edge of the park.

Writer’s Market

Saturday June 1, 2024 | 11-4pm

Words have the power to delight, inspire, provoke, comfort, and unite—as do the authors, journalists and poets who wield them. In honour of Phoebe Watson, an artist and creative writer, the Gallery will be hosting a Writer’s Market Saturday June 1, 2024. Whether it is an edge-of-your-seat adventure, a fascinating memoir, or a tale of true love, stories are what bring us together and shape our understanding of our world. Join fellow writers and readers for a day of literary creativity that celebrates and inspires through written and spoken word. 

Live Music

Silas Chinsen - Classical Guitarist

Featured Food Vendor

KW-Huron Mobile BeaverTails

Surprise book sale: 

It’s like a blind date, but with a book! Dive into the unknown as you select from our collection of gently used books, each lovingly wrapped to conceal its identity. To purchase, just make a cash (or online) donation at our table. You might just find your next favourite book! 

Thank you to our friends at Words Worth Books for donating books towards our surprise book sale!  

2024 Authors

Wanda Janaway

WDJ-Writes & Storyboard Bookmarks: Contemporary Fiction, journals & notebooks, handcrafted themed jewel bookmarks.

Quite a Character

Children’s books by Sandra Wilson.

Mark Leslie Lefebvre

Stark Publishing: Fiction, non-fiction (true ghost stories, books about writing and publishing, and movie trivia guides), thrillers, urban fantasy, horror.

Swannell Bookery

Jody Swannell: Contemporary Fiction. Science Fiction, thriller, and magical adventure.

Pamela Urie

When you hire your first employee, you enter the world of Human Resources Management. Pamela Urie draws on her background and experience to help new employers understand their human resources obligations and challenges.

Victoria Osland

if you’ve ever been too broke for coffee, if you’ve ever hated someone you loved, if you know what it’s like to howl about pain, not only is this book for you, but also i love you and we can howl together

Ana Dee

Ana Dee’s debut poetry collection, Untouched, is a compelling choice for readers in search of poetry that doesn’t tiptoe around the messy, complicated nature of human connection. Untouched is a love letter, an invitation, a confession, a paper heart.

A. K. Ritchie

A.K. Ritchie is an author of contemporary women’s fiction. She has crafted a world where flawed characters navigate the complexities of life in their relentless pursuit of purpose and meaning.

Kimia Eslah

Kimia Eslah writes novels about urbanites, underdogs, and the Iranian diaspora. Local authors, as well as CBC Books and Ms. Magazine, have praised her work. Her latest novel, Enough, is a corporate drama about three brazen women of colour.

Dianne Scott

Take a ride out to Toronto Island, the setting of Dianne Scott’s award winning Christine Lane Mystery, featuring an unforgettable female sleuth. Crime Writers of Canada Excellence in Crime Writing Award Winner!

Daryl J Ball

Work includes the musings of a near-200-year-old vampire, the quest of an ostracized half-elf to seek vengeance while finding his place in the world, and the tale of a man trying to do right by his village while contending with a malevolent spirit.

Tara Mondou Author

In 2016, Tara Mondou published her first novel, “Little Girl in the Mirror, Cathy’s Story”. In 2022, she published the companion novel, “Me and My Shadow, Tara’s Story”.

CJ Dearlove

An Investigation of Mars is a consciousness-bending SciFi mystery exploring psychic abilities, UFOs and Non-Human Intelligence, consciousness and material reality, reincarnation and ancient human knowledge, and our place in the universe.

Kenneth Roland

Kenneth Roland uses current day science fiction and humour. From harvesting positivity to sell as a commodity, to inter-dimensional travel to save the world, each book brings a unique cast of characters to life in vivid adventures.

Steven Jackson

Steven Elliott Jackson is an Kitchener-based playwright of multiple award winning and nominated plays including “The Seat Next To The King”, “Three Ordinary Men” and “The Will Of A Woman” that have played across North America.

2024 Clothesline Artists

Su Buehler

Photography is the means by which I create art from life, capturing light and shadow, stories, the things most people miss, the things I see differently. Join me as I explore the world, the colours, shapes and textures around us.

Emma Nowak

Photography, digital art prints, and small acrylic paintings.

Restless Eclectic

Restless Eclectic – art by Alina Ticknor. My work is exploratory, expressive, and intuitive. I like to work with a variety of mediums and allow things to unfold. My paintings are a reflection of my adventurous spirit and relentless curiosity.

Isabelle Déry

Passionate about wet felting, I design unique Fiber art pieces and wearable items. Nature fuels my creative flow in wet felting with different wools and fibers, using resists and shibori techniques that add unique dimensions to each creation.

Sophia Kennedy

Prints of original artwork(original is mixed media on canvas), and original pieces on paper.

Art by Deb Mowatt

Vibrant original hand painted acrylic and watercolor scenes, florals and abstracts on art paper and greeting cards

Dallas Lee

Lino prints, mixed media, art prints
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The Loch Doon area was memorialized in celebrated Scottish poet, Robert Burns piece “Ye banks and braes O’ bonnie Doon”

Ye banks and braes o’ bonny Doon,
How can ye bloom sae fresh and fair?
How can ye chant, ye little birds,
And I sae weary fu’ o’ care?
Thou’lt break my heart, thou warbling bird,
That wantons thro’ the flowering thorn:
Thou minds me o’ departed joys,
Departed, never to return.

Aft hae I rov’d by bonnie Doon,
To see the rose and woodbine twine;
And ilka bird sang o’ its love,
And fondly sae did I o’ mine.
Wi’ lightsome heart I pu’d a rose,
Fu’ sweet upon its thorny tree;
And my fause lover stole my rose,
But, ah! he left the thorn wi’ me.

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