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Follow these instructions to learn how to make our very own liquid watercolour paints out of old dried up markers!


  • – Dried out markers
  • – Glass jars with lids (baby food or mason jars work perfectly)
  • – Water


  1. Once you have separated your dried markers it’s now time to divide them into groups of like colours!
    • red/pink/burgundy
    • orange/yellow/peach
    • green/teal
    • blue/turquoise
    • purple/lavender
    • brown/black/grey
  1. Fill your jars with water (about an inch or two) and place the sorted markers into the jars.
  2. Set the jars aside for about a week. The water may evaporate a little, but your pigment won’t! Your colours will simply become more concentrated.
  3. After a week you can remove the markers and voilà your very own homemade watercolour paints!
  4. Store your DIY watercolour paint in airtight containers with the lids screwed on tightly!


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