A participative mobile sound sculpture entitled Arena by artist Benoît Maubrey, www.benoitmaubrey.com, is now on show on the grounds of Homer Watson House and Gallery. HWHG has collaborated with the City of Kitchener, the artist Benoit Maubrey and CAFKA www.cafka.org to site the piece as part of the Reimagine Winter programming: www.kitchener.ca/reimaginewinter
Arena is constructed from 300 speakers that the public can engage with via their smartphones. The sculpture also features a light component. The work is complemented by an additional light sculpture installation by local artist Trevor Waurechen, www.waurechen.com.

*When visiting the site, please remember to follow public health guidelines including only participating with your own household, avoiding crowds and keeping a physical distance of at least six feet or two metres from others, wearing a mask and staying home if you feel unwell.


ALPHA | Trevor Waurechen

Everywhere we look in today’s world, we are bombarded by messages. Street signs, logos, advertisements, texts, emails. An endless stream of communication: important, insignificant, and everything in between. They are all demanding of our time. “Alpha” is no different. It demands of one’s time as much as any other stimuli confronting us throughout our days. Its messages may be necessary, or they may not be. Only through the commitment of time can one determine the importance of its messages, as it demands such in order to decipher and differentiate the multiple messages contained in its display.

Exhibited alongside “Arena”, this work presents a counterpoint to the sound installation. With “Arena” as a destination, and “Alpha” serving as a path, the two works combine in an unexpected yet natural juxtaposition. “Arena” is auditory in nature, yet presents a non-linguistic experience of sound, while “Alpha” presents a linguistic communication in a visual form, and also serves the more practical function of illuminating one’s journey to “Arena”. Therefore, “Alpha” silently speaks to its viewers, just as “Arena” vocalizes silence.

Until May 31, 2021

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