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To Make the Paper Cat Mask You will need:

  • Blank white paper (or construction paper)
  • Markers (Pencil crayons, crayons or watercolour paint)
  • Scissors
  • String (or elastic band – cut)
  • Glue stick (or white glue)


  1. Take a normal piece of blank white photocopy paper, fold it in half (hamburger style)
  2. Draw a large half egg-like shape starting from the folded side
  3. Draw a rectangle above half at the back of the egg shape – towards the open side
  4. Draw an ear shape on the top – cat ear is a triangle
  5. Cut it out
  6. Draw from the fold two lines top and bottom down about two fingers
  7. Cut these
  8. Add glue stick to one side, fold the other side over and stick together. Do the same for the other side.
  9. Draw two eyes, carefully with scissors or a pencil poke a hole in the middle of the eyes and cut out.
  10. Now draw a hear shape nose, then a line extending down underneath and mouth from that line.
  11. Colour in the nose and ears and bend ears forwards
  12. Cut some construction paper into thin rectangles or scrap paper and colour them whatever colour you like and glue them on as whiskers.
  13. Take a string or an elastic band (cut the elastic band in half if you are using it) and tape one end on one of the rectangle pieces and then adjust and tape the other side cut and… you’re finished

Rabbit or Dog change

Take a separate paper, fold in half and cut a large raindrop shape. You will end up with two pieces. Glue onto the cat ears and keep up for a rabbit or fold over for floppy dog ears.

Rabbit or Dog change

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