Make some cute Cupid Arrows to start getting in the Valentine’s Day Spirit!


  • Wooden skewers or sticks
  • Yarn or twine
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue
  • Paint (or substitute markers)
  • Card stock paper (colour of you choice)
  • Glitter (optional)


  1. Paint or colour skewers as desired and let dry.

Arrow Tail

  1. Measure 24 strands of yarn 6 inches in length for each.

  2. Fold the first strand of yarn in half and place under the skewer.

  3. Fold the second strand in half and place on top of the skewer.

  4. weave the second piece through the loop of the first piece (photos 2-3).

  5. Then, pull the “tails” of the first string through the loop of the second piece (photos 4-5) and pull your strings tight.

  6. Once you have a knot formed, you can slide it up to sit close to the end of the skewer.

  7. Repeat until you have used all the 6 inch strands of yarn.

  8. Add hot glue along the knots to secure them.

  9. Add extra glue at the top of the skewer and where the feather ends so that the yarn doesn’t slide off.

  10. Unravel the yarn with your fingers. Use a comb to make it extra fluffy.

  11. Trim the edges of your yarn until you’re happy with the shape of your feather.


  1. Cut 3 small triangles (same size) from cardstock.

  2. Fold each triangle in half.

  3. Overlap each triangle to create a 3 sided prism and glue together.

  4. Paint, colour and/or add glitter as desired. Let dry.

  5. Hot glue skewer to the inside of the paper prism.

Watch instruction video

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